Oli & Carol Sprout the Forest Red Mushroom


Sprout the Forest Red Mushroom is an adorable, squishy and a textural delight for little fingers and mouths to explore. This red mushroom is part of the forest animals collection.

The Oli & Carol forest animals collection includes original designs from the sixties of charming forest toys - there is the forest red mushroom, the forest brown bunny and the forest brown mushroom. These delightful toys are great for bath time, stimulate the senses in baby’s hands and mouth and make lovely decorative items or toys for imaginative play.

They are safe for little mouths to explore as the whole range from Oli and Carol are made from 100% natural rubber (latex) from Hevea trees and hand painted with food safe dyes. There are no holes for water to get into when played with in the bath, meaning no yucky build up of mould.

Oli & Carol