Bamboo Blossom Essentials Nursing Pads - Butterflies


Breastfeeding? Fed up with leaking? Tired of itchy disposable pads? Then we are for you!

Handmade, beautiful cotton and bamboo 100% natural nursing pads in a modern range of colours and prints that you can just throw in the wash with all your other clothes. Make your early mummy months and years fashionable, pretty and a little environmental.

What makes us special?

As they are made with 100% natural fibres – cotton, flannelette and bamboo fleece - they can hopefully aid in the prevention of mastitis. However, as there is no plastic coating these are not waterproof. They will keep you dry and fresh for a while - but the milk will eventually get through if you don't change them.

As opposed to just one style we found that two different thicknesses and two different sizes are required as they offer different features that are required at different times during the feeding adventure.

Day Time:

Less absorbent than the thicker ones – and may need changed more frequently. But they are more discreet and less bulky – so better for tight or thin clothing. Ideal for those with less letdown; for when you are out and about in public; and when you want more discreet pads under singlets etc (especially in summer). Backed in white flannelette.

Night Time:

Have an extra layer of bamboo fleece for further absorbency making them last longer and absorb more. But they are less discreet. Ideal for night time; those with heavier letdown; for around the house; for thicker/ winter clothing; for regulating breastfeeding (weeks 4-8 tend with most women to have the greatest fluctuation as your body figures out supply and demand). Backed in ivory flannelette.

Price is per Pair